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The benefits of hiring a new graduate

More than 50% of graduates who apply for jobs do not have any offers. Can we blame this on recession or is it just because employers are fixated too much on experienced personnel only?

Although a new graduate may not bring a wealth of experience to the role an employer is hiring for, they will certainly bring excitement and an eagerness to learn. New graduates are new protégés that can be moulded into the ideal employee – and they are certainly worth employing!

The reasons they are worth it
  • The first benefit to hiring a new graduate is their general excitement for a new career. Other than a summer job in a shop or a restaurant, this will be a graduate’s first ‘real’ job and their entry onto the career ladder. Hiring a new graduate may seem like a drawback as they lack experience, but you can be assured that they will come into the role with a sense of enthusiasm that you wouldn’t find in someone who had been in a career for several years.
  • All new graduates will have an eagerness to learn. In fact, in a poll we found that 40% of new graduates who were asked what the most important factor is in their first job answered that it was the opportunity to learn and develop their career. Employers may think that new graduates don’t have the experience to take on specific roles, but hiring someone fresh out of university will give employers a candidate who is used to learning new things. A graduate won’t have previous knowledge of how a task should be done, and for an employer this means you can mould this new employee to do the work the way you want it to be done.
  • When hiring, companies often put a salary range on their job specification dependent on the new hire’s experience. A new graduate will undoubtedly have less experience than someone who has worked in the profession before, but the benefit to this is employers can offer them a lower salary. Now this doesn’t mean that new grads should be offered a unfair wage, but it does mean that for a lower cost, employers can still end up with a great new member of the company. New graduates aren’t used to having an income, so most graduates will be happy with the wage they’re offered and are therefore a more cost-effective choice.
  • Many graduates will be more willing to work longer hours. A first job is extremely important to new graduates, especially in the current economic climate where most careers advisors will tell you that finding a job that will lead to your career is next to impossible. New graduates will want to prove themselves and will stay later at work to make sure they get their work done and to a standard that they think their boss will be happy with. Graduates will still be used to pulling all nighters to write essays or revise for exams, so staying later at work will probably feel normal to them. It is important to note, however, that graduates may be willing to work later, but if you take this for granted as you will end up losing the eagerness and excitement that they will bring to their new role.