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How we compare to your other recruitment options


On all the traditional job boards you're ad is placed between thousands if not millions of other job ads. Why not stand out in the crowd and connect to the crowd you really want to reach?

Here at AJBMA you know exactly what you are here for and what you can find here... a CMA. Place your ad here and it will be viewed by medical assistants only, your target audience.


  • Daily growing database of Certified/Registered Medical Assistants
  • Applications audited personally and not by software
  • Interviews arranged
  • Free replacement
  • Opportunity to have your own company page with all your positions for just $350.


Let's compare with the popular jobboards at this moment:



  • Single Job Posting $175


  • Pay per click.

Lets do a little math

They handle a click fee from $ 0.25 – 1.50

Of course we want to have reasonable showing so we will put our budget on $ 1 per click.

Research shows that for that budget your ad will likely be shown and clicked on at least 40 times a day if not more.

$ 40 x 15 days = $ 600 …. we won't even bother to calculate the costs for a 30 day period.




  • Pay per click


  • Just putting your ad on and nothing else without the extras $ 395,-
  • Local searching and matching $ 575
  • Powersearch: National searching and matching $ 700


  • Just putting on your ad and nothing else without the extras $ 419