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Why choose AJBMA?
Ajbma is a job board especially for Medical Assistants and employers searching for Medical Assistants.
As a united front of CMA's, RMA's and MA's we believe it should be much easier for employers to find themselves a qualified CMA, RMA or MA. With our growing database of assistants, finding what you are looking for has become much easier.

A customized company profile page with a link to your website and your multiple job openings.

What is a company profile page?

A Company Profile is a page that lets you highlight your company culture and values, and target enthusiastic, like-minded employees that are excited to work for you.

It is a customized page that describes your organization and what job seekers can expect when working for you. Click here to see our example.

What's on my profile page?
  • Intro & General Description of your company/organization
  • What you’re looking for in an employee
  • Your job list as well as any jobs you currently have posted on our site
  • How to Apply, includes links to your website, your online application and your email.
  • Personalized with your pictures and logo
  • Includes social network widgets to build buzz about your company
  • Anything else you want to mention

Any changes in information? No problem! Just email us and we'll get it updated right away


Where is my profile posted?

It's linked from all relevant category and state pages throughout and cross-posted to our social networks Facebook and Linkedin.

Fast set up

We usually have them ready and up within 24 hours!