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 Why choose AJBMA?
Ajbma is a job board especially for Medical Assistants and employers searching for Medical Assistants.
As a united front of CMA's, RMA's and MA's we believe it should be much easier for employers to find themselves a qualified CMA, RMA or MA. With our growing database of assistants, finding what you are looking for has become much easier.
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Ajbma's goal is to help every assistant with a job: not only our very experienced ones but also our new grads. To give employers that extra little push we are introducing Ajbma Alumni: post your starters positions for an adjusted price or get the opportunity to pay upon hire if you let us recruit your new graduate.*


What do you get?
  • An eager and exicited new star on board
  • An employee who is willing to learn and ready to mould
  • Affordable solution for your staffing problems