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About Ajbma

Ajbma is a company founded by a former Medical Assistant who has more than 15 years of experience from working in hospitals, family practices, and health centers. We know exactly what an employer wants and needs in a Medical Assistant which is an assistant with a strong work ethic, someone who is loyal, efficient, takes pride in his/her work, and is compassionate.

We also know what Medical Assistants need in their work environment. A place were they will feel respected, protected, needed, and have the ability to develop themselves. With this knowledge, we have made it our passion to bring Medical Assistants and employers together to create the perfect match.

Ajbma is tailored specifically for Medical Assistants and is absolutley 100% independ! All applications and CV's are personally reviewed and we personally manage all your applications and interviews.

This is the day that we are starting a revolution in recruiting, why?

Because of our revolutionary way of working, our outstanding service, and above all: we are more specialized than any other job board out there and all of this at competitive pricing.

We are looking forward doing business with you!